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The museum of the Blue Grotto Capri

The museum of the Blue Grotto of Capri was originally a private nymphaeum in Roman times, a magical place with statues of Poseidon, tritons and other sea creatures discovered at the bottom of the cave in 1963 and now exhibited in the museum of the Casa Rossa in the center of Anacapri. In the past there was an overland connection with a Roman Villa not far from the site that today is in ruins in Gradola, a few tens of meters from the museum site. 

Find out more about the site's opening hours and problems related to rough seas

The opening hours of the Blue Grotto Museum are established by the Ministry and vary according to the time of year. The closing days are December 25th, January 1st. Yet not everyone is able to visit this museum during their holidays and the reasons are more than one.

Ticket prices and statistics of recent years

There are special days when entrance fees are cheaper, in the past they were the first Sundays of each month the days when the entrance fee was not paid. This, however, should not make us think that the ‘entrance is free, in fact, the ticket that costs € 14 at full price is the result of the sum of the ministerial fee of € 4 and the amount recognized to the cooperative of sailors who drive small wooden boats to enter the site which is € 10. On days when you do not pay the entrance fee you will still have to pay 10€ per entry. There are different prices for minors…

is it possible to swim in the Blue Grotto or swim in it?

It is not easy to find something more romantic than swimming in the wonderful waters of the Blue Grotto with those you love the most. There are, however, a number of reasons why you should desist from doing so…

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