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is it safe?

about the possiblility to swim in the Blue Grotto

it’s hard to imagine what could be more romantic than a dip in the blue cave with someone you love. Those who have been there know that when you enter this nymphaeum there is a mad desire to dive into waters of a colour never seen before. There are, however, a series of reasons that should make us give up, let’s find out which ones.

The dangerousness of the inlet in consideration of the unpredictability of the wave motion

As we have discussed in more detail on the page about the closure of the museum for rough sea, the entrance to the cave is normally only one meter high, which makes it impossible to enter if the conditions of the wave motion or the tide level are not favourable. The service of the boats for the entrance to the blue cave is active every day in case of favorable conditions, and it is the same sailors who control and forbid anyone to swim into the cave. Therefore it is very rare to find times when the service is not active and there are sea conditions that make it possible to enter the cave. In case you are lucky to be there in these circumstances you should know that it is still dangerous to swim inside the cave. The unpredictability of the wave motion and the continuous traffic of boats around the island (traffic that over the years has become almost unbearable and in fact there is the establishment of a protected marine area throughout the island) make it very dangerous to enter with the risk of serious impact on the rocks and injury.

The possibility of receiving hefty fines

In addition to physical safety, those who venture to swim in the museum also risk sanctions. Ordinance 106/2007 of the Captain’s Office of Naples, which is also responsible for the island of Capri, expressly forbids the possibility of swimming inside the museum. The reasons are basically two: the first is to safeguard the physical safety, the second is to safeguard the integrity of the site as the place is not controllable. Every summer are sanctioned many people who do not want to miss a magical dive into the waters of the cave with fines of thousands of euros. Heidi Klum knows something about it, famous American model who in the summer of 2019 was caught swimming in the cave with her husband, the police of the island immediately opened an investigation.

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