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When can I come?

Blue grotto Capri opening times

The opening hours of the National Museum of the Blue Grotto are decided by the Ministry and vary according to the season. The uniqueness of this mussal site, however, makes it almost impossible to predict with certainty whether or not access will be possible, let’s find out why.

Official opening hours

The official opening hours are those shown above, daily the sailors of the cooperative authorized to enter the cave bring their small wooden boats from the port of Marina Grande where they are moored until the entrance of the cave. Each wooden boat can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 guests in addition to the sailor.

Is now the Blue grotto open?

In case of red color the Blue Cave is closed now. In case of green color it is open.

There are, however, a number of factors that have a decisive influence on the opening of the mussal site, let's see what they are:

The entrance to the Grotta Azzurra is through a tunnel about 2 meters high and 2 meters wide. Since the total height of the tunnel is two meters, the space between the sea level and the rock above is usually about one meter. This means that what really defines the opening hours are the conditions of the wave motion, the tide level and in a different but equally important way also the solar radiation affects, let’s find out more.

Fundamental to the opening of the museum are the conditions of the wave motion. As mentioned above, the physical space that has the boat to access the cave is about one meter, so it takes very little to not allow access to the site. The area in which the cave is located is exposed to the wave motion coming from the north, west and east. There are nowadays very reliable online portals like WindFinder that can give you an overview of the present and future wave motion so that you can plan your visit at an optimal time.

The tides, due to the moon’s attraction to the planet earth, and partly due to the rotation of the earth around its axis, have a decisive influence on the opening of the site. They are especially decisive when they are in a period of great tides or tides of sitzige. Fortunately nowadays tides are easily predictable by technology and there are many portals where you can check the best time to find the right time when the tide level is lowest. The time interval between two tidal peaks is usually about 12 hours, which means that usually during the opening day of the museum there will be both a high tide peak and a low tide peak. It happens more and more often, as the number of visitors multiplies over the years, that there are queues for the entrance to the site, the variation of the tide also affects the waiting time because when the site is open but the tide is high, the sailors will spend more time to make the entrance as the opening is smaller. Vice versa, when the tide is low, it will be easier for the mariners to enter and exit the site in order to speed up the service.

It is essential for a visit to the Blue Grotto museum that there is good visibility. The Blue Grotto impresses and fascinates visitors from all over the world because of an effect of sunlight that enters the cave from below sea level, creating a special effect on the water inside the site that appears of a particular electric blue. But of course as well as when the sun goes down the optical effect fades, so in case of poor visibility the effect will not be seen at 100%. This is why in particular periods of the year the effect will be reduced. For this reason in months when the sun is not at its strongest like September and October, the cave is often closed before the standard closing time of 5PM.

Summing up there are many factors that influence the opening of the site, sometimes months when the cave is always open, other times when it is closed for whole weeks. When you book a trip to Italy, especially if you come from far away, you do it very early so you can never be sure whether or not you will find the museum open. If you book a tour with us we will do everything to allow you to visit the museum but there must always be luck to give us a hand.

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